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Ready to participate in America's Re-Awakening?

Have you not noticed! Have you not heard?
GOD is on the move in America!  

RGIA.US exists because:

1.  Our nation has clearly entered a new and distinctive time of spiritual energy fueled by the Spirit of God. 

2. Our nations’ future is dependent upon the favor of GOD and, our nations’ heritage is a perilous thing to forget. *

3. America’s Bible reading, Bible adhering community needs a safe, nurturing, meeting place free from the subjective opinions of the secular social media world and free from denominational divides and differences.  A place where we can openly share our spiritual experiences, encourage one another, and bask in the glow of the LORD GOD’s pure presence together.

Afterall, why watch endless reels and short videos on FB or mindless, endless TikTok videos when you can instead be intentional about shaping your thoughts and attitudes, and aligning yourself in a profound spiritual way,  and make new, genuine, friends at the same time.

Inside RGIA.US you will find hundreds of years of perspective and commentary on the impact of God in American history, as well as thousands of fresh member contributions and personal experiences capturing our new American spiritual re-awakening.  

If you have been positively impacted by this timely move of God, you are invited to peruse, consume, and examine these documents and stories; AND to become a member in good standing fully participating in the journey.

RGIA.US is a new interactive and  educational site designed to reconstruct rather than deconstruct the historical reality of God’s providence and current presence in the American experience.  Our mission is to search out, to share and to embrace the hand of God in the story of the United States, and to share our personal experiences. Please do be aware that  crabby, contrary, complaining, and/or condescending attitudes are not acknowledged here as our intent is personal investigation and illumination, in an affirming atmosphere of mutual respect and consideration. We are here to share and to discuss, not to divide or to deride.

We are here as friends…

  • Thank you for stopping by, you are welcome to look through the site and enjoy and consume its’ content.  Please be advised that while visitors are welcome to peruse, only members are able to post and read comments, create and join groups and receive educational certificates of accomplishment. Membership is currently by invitation only.
  • * A portion of our proceeds are donated to The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America because many of those that know the most tragically remember the least.

Some interesting places to get started


'friends make new friends in groups'

Be sure to check out 'GROUPS' to find and or create specific areas of interest about our American journey. Go deeper, together, in 'GROUPS.'

' - usa awakening'

The Awakening is upon us. the LORD's army is on the move in the heavenlies and in the citizens of His kingdom, young and old. If you are not excited, get excited, the best is yet to come.

'Video Crash Course in U.S. History'

Aside from being one of the most accomplished and best-selling authors of our time, John Green's videos bring us up to speed, fast!  Please watch and comment.

'Our Black history and miracles'

Countless Black American pastors emphasized love in the pursuit of justice even before Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s rise.

'Courses, Classes and quizzes'

RGIA.US members in good standing are invited to participate in a more academic manner & earn certificates of completion in several areas of individual and/or group study.

'Our Family Bible'

87% of American homes have a Bible inside. Here's your chance to take a photo of your family Bible and share the story that goes along with it.

Join Our Community Today!

RGIA.US is not currently accepting new members.  As a non-member you are welcome to enter the site and benefit from its’ content. However, you will not be able to comment, or interact with members, nor will you be able to register for courses and certificates of completion.  Please check back in February of 2024 as we will be accepting new memberships at the time.  You are welcome to join the waiting list for first access in August here.


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RGIA.US is a friendly place

Sure we are all here to discover the evidence of Gods' fingerprints on the American Experience. But sometimes that is how good friends are made, searching out and finding the truth together.

Courses and Certifications

Join with friends and family (or just fly solo) and sign up for RGIA.US courses in History. And, by History we mean just that as it applies to the United States of America.

Members comment and have discussion

RGIA.US members are building unique on-line relationships centered around common interests and discovery. The membership site will be expanding in August 2023 to accommodate new friendships and adventures.

Doing good around town

Some RGIA.US members are connecting in the physical world with the intention of making things better in their local communities. The lessons learned on-line at RGIA.US often lead to a desire to improve local conditions, together.

Member Ratings

I am pretty excited about Rediscovering God in America. Most of my public school education neglected to mention God at all and yet it is clear that God has had, and continues to have, amazing impact on our country.
Thomas Carew
I just completed the America's Historian course. And, WOW! never imagined the full depth of God's amazing influence on our founding and our culture, right through until today. I am looking forward to getting my certificate of completion.​
MaliVai Washington
Rediscover God in America is the best social media platform I have joined since Facebook in the old days. The members are great and the consolidated American history make the site educationally wonderful. love my new RGIA.US friends!
Kiki Cuyler
Inaugural Member

Take a look inside

Members and visitors alike love RGIA.US – An unforgettable social media experience!

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News feed, groups or courses – all activities are a blast!

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